What is Reputation Management?

If you’re reading this page you probably have a pretty good idea about what Reputation Management can do for you but in case you don’t it is the proper response to damaging information that resides online. False product reviews, unfavorable postings, scam claims, negative blogs and disgruntled former employees claims of unfairness to name a few of the items that require quick and effective action.

Reputation Management Online

Even a single unfavorable link associated with your company name can adversely affect your profits without the help of a professional reputation manager. If negative listing happens to be on page one in Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS) then its negative effect on your company’s good name, not to mention your decreased income potential, is going to cause you more than a simple headache.

As an example say your company sells “widgets” and a potential customer searches in Google for “widgets” and the first results they see are negative words next to you company’s name. Negative words like “bad widgets”, “wrongly fired by Widget Company”, “horrible customer service from Widget Company” or any number of less than flattering comments that anyone (even your competitors!) can say about in today’s wireless society. Even if they are Totally False!

What a Reputation Manager Can Do for You

A Reputation Manager will insure that the first impression that anyone sees on line is a positive, glowing representation of your company. Removing all of those disturbing negative listings will assure your company’s present and future growth and earning potential. Without reputation management those negative listings will compound over time, either because a less than honest competitor sees you as an easy target or simply because people love to read “bad” things about and jump in and contribute to the company bashing session taking place at your expense.

We know is this world of instant gratification that people tend to believe that “problems” can be solved just as quickly as they occur but we all know this isn’t the case. Just like a car wreck happens in an instant and the repair of the car (and perhaps your body) takes time, effort and a coordinated plan and yes… plenty of help. Unfortunately this is also true for Reputation Management. It takes time and considerable effort but in the end your company will be in a better position than ever before, kind of like taking that wrecked car and rebuilding so it is better than before… A car into a race car.