What is Search Engine Optimization a.k.a. SEO

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO, is the practice of applying various techniques to a website in order to increase its visibility and rankings in the major search engines for target keywords.

Effective Search Engine Optimization requires the application of specific keyword optimization to a website’s content and html code in concert with the acquisition of links from other websites pointing to your target website. In other words, it’s basically a combination of keyword optimization  on-site, and link building off-site that gets positive results. This is a very simplified explanation but, it is truly the nuts and bolts of SEO; quality content and link popularity.

What is Organic Search?

The Organic results in a search engine show up just under the sponsored ads, otherwise known as the Pay-Per-Click or PPC ads.  These organic listings are considered to be the true search engine rankings. They are placed in a specific order on the results pages by an algorithm that the search engine has developed. This algorithm basically considers the content on the website pages and also the links that point to these web pages from other websites to determine where they should rank in order of importance and relevancy.

So by optimizing your website’s content and creating popularity via link building, you can effect the placement of you website in the search results.  It is not rocket science, its simply logic. However achieving top ranking results on page one of a major search engine consists of a lot of work, and depending on how competitive the keyword phrase is that you are trying to rank for, it can take weeks, months or years to achieve your goal.

We only practice “White Hat” SEO; there is a right way to do SEO and a wrong way. If you try to take shortcuts and try to game the search engines, you can get banned or penalized and get buried in there listings, never seeing the light of day. White Hat SEO is the only way to avoid this.

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