Expert Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services and Consultation

It is estimated that nearly 50 percent of all search engine traffic is going to the paid searches.

If you enter a keyword phrase into the search box at, then click the search button, in most cases you will notice that the top 3 results are “sponsored links”. These are the paid search results. You will also notice that 8 more results show up on the right hand side of the page.

Better yet, perform a Google search for the product or service that your company offers. Now look at who is potentially stealing your clicks in those sponsored listings.

Are Your Competitors Stealing Your Clicks with PPC?

Your site could be the number 1 organic search result and still NOT get the click.

Now more than ever, PPC ads are very RELEVANT to the keywords that people search. Savvy internet users realize this and have become more comfortable utilizing the sponsored links to find what they are looking for. Especially visitors that are looking to PURCHASE something.

Pay Per Click Users are Buyers

Experienced search engine users know that these sponsored links are the paid ads, and they also know that when they are in the buying mode, that they can usually find the products that they are looking for faster from these paid results.

On the other hand, there is a large group of internet users that do not realize that these initial listings are sponsored links, and for the most part they really don’t care. They are just going to click on the first links they see, because in their minds, if the results are on the top, then they must be the best results.

Either way, you must be represented in these pay-per-click results if you want to dominate the search engines.

PPC Advertising is Vital to Your Internet Marketing Strategy

PPC advertising has become one of the most important parts of any successful internet marketing strategy. It’s not enough these days to focus solely on organic search engine rankings. To gain maximum online presence, you must have a PPC strategy. Many Search Engine Marketers consider this to be the “new yellow pages”.

However, unlike running a phone book ad, running a successful Pay Per Click campaign is much more complicated.

SEO Strategy Applied to PPC Management = Domination

PPC management requires a thorough understanding of Search Engine Optimization. You must have an understanding of how search engine ranking algorithms work.

It’s not about out-bidding your competition anymore. It’s ALL about out-smarting them and creating a PPC campaign that will be rewarded for its relevancy to the internet user.

Google rewards PPC marketers who do it right! The reward is higher sponsored listings at lower cost per click prices; and Google penalizes those who try to buy their way to the top without optimizing their PPC campaign for keyword relevancy, ad copy and landing page quality.

It takes a great amount of strategic planning, Search Engine Optimization knowledge, a/b split testing of ad copy and landing pages, content tweaking and maintenance to even have a chance at running a successful PPC campaign.

You don’t just throw up some ads and then wait for the phone to ring; it used to be like that, but not anymore.

Create Steady Income and Lead Generation with PPC

A properly designed and finely tuned PPC campaign span across Google, Bing, Yahoo and other PPC providers can secure a solid and steady stream lead generation or sales. A poorly run campaign will not create much useful traffic and in many cases, cost you a fortune.

Professional PPC Management will Save You Time and Money

At WebChurn we provide Full Service, Turnkey, Professional PPC management. We also provide PPC consulting and coaching for your in-house pay-per-click team.

Our PPC experts have been successfully managing Pay Per Click campaigns for over ten years. If you are already running a PPC campaign, we can most likely save you 25% to 50% of what you are currently spending for clicks.

Achieving the best possible price per click by properly managing all aspects of your campaign, AND tracking the conversions (the sale or lead) from your website all the way back to the keyword that was typed in by the user is how we maximize your bottom line!

There is a reason why companies like spend up to $130 Million dollars per year on Pay Per Click – it works!