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Inner Page Search Engine Optimization

Building Higher Search Engine Rankings; One Inner Page at a Time Today’s fast-changing, ever-challenging, internet market often leaves companies scrambling to find the latest “fix” to boost their search engine rankings.  But just as in health and fitness, there is no magic pill.  As every good CEO knows, a company has to crawl before it […]

Is PPC (Pay Per Click) an effective marketing strategy?

PPC (pay per click) has become a must for the serious internet marketer. So the quick answer is YES! PPC is an effective strategy. However, the long answer is yes, but… you need a well thought out strategy and analysis of the keywords and competition for those keywords to create a successful PPC campaign. Before you just slap […]

Izzy’s Custom Cages

My website has been up for over 7 years, and I never really relied on it for creating sales or leads. Last year I decided to look into getting more traffic, so I started buying clicks on the search engines. That did not pan out, so I started looking or help with my organic rankings…

Long story short – after working with webchurn for just two months, I was able to get to the top of the search engines for some very specific terms relating to my honda hardtop bracket kits, and my sales have more than doubled!