Inner Page SEO

Inner Page Search Engine Optimization

Building Higher Search Engine Rankings; One Inner Page at a Time

Today’s fast-changing, ever-challenging, internet market often leaves companies scrambling to find the latest “fix” to boost their search engine rankings.  But just as in health and fitness, there is no magic pill.  As every good CEO knows, a company has to crawl before it can walk.  Building search engine rankings and organic traffic takes time and effort, and a good SEO strategist will be the first to tell you that many things feed into a websites organic search engine visibility, but the one thing that is often overlooked are the inner pages.

Inner Pages Need Search Engine Optimization Too!

Many people only think of their home page, but one of the best ways to increase internet presence is to give a little “face time” to your inner pages.  If you spent time making a page, it obviously is of value to your whole site.  The question is, have you bothered to get Google to notice that page?  Think of your whole site as a puzzle and each page is a piece of the puzzle. You took the time to make all the pieces of the puzzle, don’t you want Google to put them together?  Without proper Title Tags & Meta Data, your page is just another stranger to Google.

So, while you may be tempted to try some risky or black hat short cuts, for get about that… and take the time today to optimize your inner pages, you will be amazed at the results.